The invisibility of chronic pain

Chronic pain: just by looking at someone, it’s not something immediately detectible and often gets misunderstood for its invisibility. But, for the one-in-five people in British Columbia who suffer from pain lasting longer than three months, it’s anything but transparent.

I sat down and spoke with Fiona Wade, whose journey with chronic pain is completely unfathomable to most of us; Dr. Brenda Lau from Change Pain to talk about what, exactly, chronic pain is and what its biggest myths and misconceptions are; and Janice Muir – a clinical nurse pain management specialist at St. Paul’s Hospital and director on board with the Pain BC society to find out what is being done to educate the public, physicians and patients on chronic pain.

Listen below:


Langara Cancer Connection co-founder determined to make a difference

Pourya Eslami didn’t always want to be an oncologist.

Having studied international business and management in Amsterdam, his interest in medicine moved him, and then his family from Iran, to Canada two years ago so he could follow that path. His father — a doctor — continues dividing time between Vancouver and Iran treating patients.

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